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Here at the Youth Employment Program we take pride in the fact that we can provide practical and valuable skill sets to individuals. We are always looking for chances to be able to broaden the skill sets that we can offer. It is important that individuals such as the local youth that we work with, are able to be exposed to various career paths and have as much opportunity as they can to be able to exceed in their professional career journey.
It is the support of the community that allows us to expand on the opportunities that we are able to provide to others. If you'd like to write YEP a check, we will send a donation receipt. You can specify how your funds may be spent via the memo line, be sure to include a specific use, project, or list as 'general use'
As an Assistant Crew Lead, I was tasked with viewing how the leader of our team carried out projects and encouraged the students. After several weeks of being the assistant, I was given the opportunity to be a leader for a fencing project in Jackson. And let me tell you, I was pretty anxious! Though it was nerve-wracking, directing this crew wasn’t as difficult as I was anticipating and I think we had a lot of fun, except for the part where we popped a tire on my supervisor’s personal vehicle. But learning how to organize a team, setting a common goal, and getting the job done was very fulfilling.
Morgan Baseley-2023 Field Season Forestry Technician


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