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After working in this type of environment, I found that I had grown as a person and wanted to watch others do the same. Since learning how to motivate myself, I wanted to teach the students that anyone can be a leader regardless of the position. Moving a team towards a common goal is a leadership quality. While working for The Youth Employment Program, I learned how to effectively lead a crew and make sure everyone is enjoying their time while putting in quality effort and work. These new skills that I learned will help me in a professional setting as I strive for a position within the field of conservation. Thank you
Morgan Baseley-2023 Field Season Forestry Technician
The Youth employment Program (Y.E.P.) is a non-profit organization that works with individuals to allow them to gain valuable insight into the working environment. The individuals that Y.E.P. hires, leave with a unique skill set that might not otherwise be available to them. While working for Y.E.P., individuals have access to multiple job skill sets. These job skills that Y.E.P. teaches allow for individuals to advance in their professional career journey.
Y.E.P. aims to provide job skills and career technical training in various areas to those that want to further their professional career. While working for Y.E.P. individuals are also able to gain core life skills of responsibility, accountability, and leadership.

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