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YEP is a relationship organization.

We aim to support our partners solving problems such as employee, education, recruitment, and working as a partner to help solve the issues with the lack of housing.

Successful Project Completion

Our partners use us because we are a “get it done” organization.  We spend extra time and money teaching our employees the techniques needed to accomplish each specific  task. 

Our staff is on the ground to make sure projects run smoothly.

Projects accomplished:

  • Process based stream restoration
  • Zuni Work, (Zeedyk, One Rock Damn)
  • Weed mapping and treatment
  • Trail installation or maintenance
  • Campground maintenance
  • Fencing 
  • Pollinator and Botany studies
  • Other projects

We purchase and maintain equipment to get these projects accomplished.

Individuals and Organizations

Existing Partners

The Youth Employment Program has built up meaningful relationships with a number of organizations we are happy to call our partners. These organizations share our mission or have dedicated themselves to aid us in our mission to develop outstanding leaders for our shared communities and ecosystems.

Work with us
Partner with Youth Employment Program to get your projects done, help provide experience and work for local youth, and better our communities and ecosystems.
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